October 12, 2009

  • Colors and recipes

    The polymer clay I use for my creative outlet is limited to basic colors, which gives each clayer the opportunity to develop his or her own “palette” of color. To do this, one must carefully mix clays, recording how much of each color is used to create a new color. These are color recipes. 

    I’ve been collecting recipes from other artists for a while, and have fooled around with some of my own, so it was time to find a way to organize them. 

    Here are my color samples and recipe cards, ready to be filed:


    And a close-up of an individual recipe card. 

    I had a recipe box, but I never consulted the recipes, so I eventually gave a lot of them away and pitched some others.  When I need recipe ideas now, I use the web.  (same with color recipes, but having the color chips is very helpful, when designing and planning a project – like paint chips.)

    The box was actually a gift from my sister-in-law, Deb, years ago, but it was out of fashion as it was, and I wanted to spruce it up.  I had a bunch of “stuff” photos from Las Vegas that I wanted to use some way in a collage or something – they were so colorful, it just seemed like  perfect mix.

    Here’s the box, from a few angles, after I did my decoupage thang:

    Oh, gee – the top looks nasty in this photo – doesn’t show like that real life at all!  The camera has a cruel eye! Catches all my mistakes!

    But it’s fun for me to look at, this box, and my recipe cards fit in their nicely with plenty of room for more.


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