May 28, 2011

  • A couple of things I’ve made recently

    The first is the one and only request I’ve had from Jason for a clay item. 


    You might notice he doesn’t look happy.  Here’s why:


    I guess that would make anyone cranky.


    And this piece is my entry into the soon-to-be-opened-to-voting-June-Challenge:



    The theme is “For The Guys,” and this faux leather with copper accents (real copper, btw) was fun to make and looks even nice in real life.


    I’ve got another new piece – a grist mill for my collection  of wee buildings.  That was a lot of fun.  It’s all been baked as of this afternoon, now comes assembly and painting a bit to age the “wood”.  Took me forever to get the wheel right but I think it’ll even spin when it’s assembled. (Notice I am cautious – “think”)


    Still struggling with serum sickness, especially as the temperature rises – my temperature is always highly susceptible to changes in the atmospheric temp, but with this serum sickness it’s even more so.  A/C goes on tomorrow – were to hit 90.  We probably should have turned it on the other day but we’ve been trying to keep expenses low – we realized that some expenses can’t be avoided. 


    Faron still hasn’t gotten a job – we heard this week he didn’t get the forestry job for which he’d interviewed.  Meanwhile, he continues to get invitations to apply for still other state jobs so he keeps returning them indicating he’d be willing to work there.


    Next week is Jason’s and Tiana’s housewarming party, on Sunday afternoon – open house.  If you’re in the area, drop in! Call me for the address. 


    And finally, our good friend Anne Gordon Kane (Our former – and much loved- pastor’s youngest daughter) was diagnosed officially this past week with a Stage IV glioma, a tumor in her brain.  She’s already had surgery to reduce the size of the tumor and is researching clinical trials.  Anne’s the mother of 10 year old twins, Francis and Paul.  She’s a nurse who works for the Dept of Health and has the craziest sense of humor.  She’s a lovely girl (well, maybe not so much “girl” but it’s how I think of her.)  As you think of her in the coming months, please pray for Annie and her family. 



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  • Poor little sailor boy!  But he does look good enough to eat.

    Love the “guy thing.”   You’re not letting serum sickness affect your muse.

    Post more often.  That’s an order.  “Lois says.”

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