July 28, 2011

  • Interviews, doctor’s appointments and company!

    It’s been a very lively week at the Matthews’ Abode.  Faron has had four – FOUR!! – job interview calls, counting one for Target, who offered him a job.  He turned it down after getting all these other calls (we’re hoping that was a good decision) and we’re hoping to hear more definitely about these other.  He has an interview to work at the Shikellemy State Park next Thursday – if it’s enough hours, that’s the job he’d really like although the other two are decent enough.  He’s also applied for a few others that seemed to be perfect for his skills and experience.  So please, everyone, keep praying for his job situation.  And for my nephew Justin, who is also job hunting. 


    One of the interviews had him going for a physical and drug testing as part of the interview process – he hasn’t been offered the job but that’s out of the way.  The physical went well (of course he’s basically healthy – heart is strong, etc.) but his blood pressure was 160/98. He’s been very stressed recently about the job situation so I’m not surprised.  He saw our Dr W on Tuesday and got a prescription for BP meds and after only 2 days his BP is approaching normal levels.  Of course, suddenly getting all these interviews helps a lot.  :)


    Our niece Elicia has been in town most of the summer.  Her husband is in Iraq (Army) and she and the boys (Zavier & Zander) came back home rather than stay at Ft Hood all summer.  of course, it’s been stinkin’ hot here so she didn’t quite escape the intensity of Texas summers.  :)   Anyway, the three of them came to visit last night and we had a very good visit. The boys are lively and energetic and latched on to Uncle Faron and amazingly remembered all sorts of stuff about our house from their visit at Christmas.  We very much enjoyed the visit and hope we get another chance to see them before the go back to Texas – Robert is due home soon. 


    Only one photo for you:

    My entry into the new monthly Challenge of the PCAGOE, “Under The Sea.”  It’s a lampshade I made from translucent polymer clay (I used the better park of a 12oz block of KatoPolyclay.)  I dyed the clay with alcohol inks and blended and rolled and pieced it together to get the look I wanted.  Then I made odd bits of stuff for the sea floor.  An anchor, several green, leafy bushes, a few pieces of coral and a starfish and a bunch of rocks.  Oh and the octopus.  :)   I’d made the fish canes last year for another project, a large panel of polymer clay art that is now hanging in Derek & Jared’s bedroom, along with a few smaller pieces and the mobile and light switch cover I made, all using the same base colors and canes. 

    This is actually a lampshade, measuring 6″ wide, by 5.5″ tall and 3′ deep.  The transucent clay, even dyed as this is, allows the light to shine through nicely.  Thing is, the idea i had for building the lamp didn’t work – or rather, we can’t find a lamp kit or supplies to fit well enough that I’m not endangering my grandboys by putting this in their room.  So we’re continuing to search for the right lamp guts and then this goes to the boys.


    That’s about it.  Remember, as of the first of the month you’ll soon be able to vote for the Challenge.  You’ll hear more about it right here, real soon.




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