Month: September 2010

  • By the time most of you read this…

    We’ll be on our way north – we’re headed out for a few days in Maine and New Hampshire. 


    In the meantime, I want to show you a few things I’ve been working on. 



    A clay-buddy, and fellow member of the PCAGOE, Laurel Steven, makes beautiful lockets of clay – hers are much more refined and arty, but this was my adaptation of her process.  I wanted something unique to me to offer for my first design for Polymer Clay Production’s new e-magazine.  This is what I came up with:

    My lockets open on a pivot, swinging up and away from the tiny surprise inside.  I’ve submitted my completed tutorial, and it will appear in the first issue, which is to be released soon – more about that as I hear more. 

    And, it’s Challenge time.  This next month’s theme is “Southwest,” and here is my submission:

    I just had to go with tiny houses!  :) Stacy was kind enough to model it for me, although she didn’t want her face shown.  “My hair is a mess!”  As if she isn’t always gorgeous. 


    And, I had it in my mind to make a Mr & Mrs Santa to put in my etsy shop for sale.  Well, I had some mechanical problems and had to paint Mrs’ face and repair cracks in Mr’s back, so these are for my own collection:


    As you can see, I’ve been busy.  Add to that getting my room organized, a few medical appointments and getting ready for vacation, and I’ve been very busy. 


    The other night was the Harvest Moon.  My friend Kelly missed seeing it, so I tried very hard to capture some photos of it for her from our porch.  As it happened, that wasn’t possible – the trees across the road blocked my view from the porch.  Only way I could see it was from my bedroom window.  Through the screen.  Sorry, Kelly!


    It really was lovely. 

    I’m taking my laptop with me on vacation, and hope to taunt all of you with photos of the beautiful Acadia National Park.  :)   So watch this space!



  • Labor Day Weekend Photo Montage…

    I’ve been remiss, to say the least, about getting these up, with the very best of reasons.  My new dresser finally came, and so I’ve spent days sorting, tossing, organizing and putting away all of my clay and other crafting/art supplies.  This is a JOB!  My room is so much more fun to work in.  I’ll post photos here of it soon, but have to get these done first. 

    Joe and Amy & the kids came on the Sunday and spent the night.  Faron and I had gotten the boys their very own sleeping bags, which, at least for the moment, are going to “live” here.  (If at any time the boys want to take them home, that’s fine with us, of course.) Most of the time we just enjoyed the boys – the photos will make that very clear.  :)   A few will require explanation, and I’ll try to be brief.  (But we all know how good I am at that. )  Then on the Monday we went to Hazel’s for a picnic.  It was such a cool day, after several down right cold nights – the pool was almost unbearable, but Joe and Amy toughed it out when the boys wanted to go in. 

    Ok – you have the set up.  Now the photos…


    If I were Joe & Derek in these last two photos, I’d be worried about just what that driver can see!  :)   The boys love to play on my scooter, which sits in a corner of the living room, for lack of a better place.  (It must be kept indoors or the battery can fail.)  We’ve been careful not to let them know it “goes” all this time, for fear we’d never be able to get them off my lap.  Hah!  I just had to go outside when Grandpa was pulling the boys in his little red wagon (photos didn’t turn out – sorry) and neither wanted anything to do with riding.  They thought it was pretty cool to see Grandma drive, but that’s all. 


    These were Monday morning – the boys eating breakfast and looking so much alike.  :)   And the other is Jared showing off his sleeping bag-walking-skills.  (He is so cute scooting into the bag – how do they know how to do these things?? )


    Derek wanted to go outside very early on Monday morning, when it was still like 50 degrees outside.  We told him he couldn’t because he didn’t have a coat.  Soon, he says “Now can I go outside?”



    Amy baking brownies for the picnic.  Jared had found her shades and insisted she wear them.  How’s that for a cool culinary chick? 



    The water was VERY cold – Jennie & Maggie keeping warm. 



    It was Derek who wanted to go in the pool, but notice, there are very few photos (only one!) that show him in the water.  He was smart enough to steer clear once he realized just how cold it was. (Hypotheric, declared Amy after she came up from jumping in the deep end.)  But Jared loves to swim and toughed it out, and Joe and Amy, bless ‘em, did too.  Faron got a kick out of how he’d be told to swim from Daddy to Mommy and he’d take off in the right direction but veer off just far enough away to avoid getting nabbed quickly.  :)  

    One final shot – the kids wanted to know if we sisters had planned our attire:

    We did not.  My shirt isn’t truly “pink” but “coral.”  At least that’s what the catalog called it.  

    I’ve also been very busy claying, developing some new designs and having fun.  But more about that later. 



  • Ok – it’s tomorrow, and here’s the entry as promised.


    September Challenge – IMAGE TRANSFERS

    The September challenge theme is “Image Transfers.” This month, we are pleased to have as our sponsor, Corinna of

    Corinna creates and sells the most beautiful digital collages sheets in her shop at Etsy. Several of our members have purchased images from Corinna, and when she approached us about sponsoring a challenge, we jumped at the chance. We had already voted on Image Transfers to be the theme of our September challenge, and so it was a perfect opportunity to showcase Corinna’s images and our members’ creativity.

    Corinna provided four digital image collage sheets. The members were required to choose one of the collage sheets to use in their entries. It was very interesting to see which of the collage sheets our members chose: 1)Flora and Fauna 2) Gothic Stained Glass Windows 3) Blue Fairies 4) Antique Playing Cards

    The only other rule is that the entry must be at least 50% polymer clay.

    Corinna will also be providing our winning entry prizes, a free collage sheet of the member’s choice to each of the top 3 winners in the public and member categories, as well as a $25 Gift Certificate to be awarded to one special “Judges’ Winner” chosen by Corinna, Linda Riopel of NKDesigns, our PCAGOE President; and Lynda Moseley of SCDiva, our PCAGOE Vice President.

    Image transfer work is not one that many of our members had experience with prior to the challenge. It is a delicate process which requires patience and a gentle hand. To prepare for the challenge, several of the members attended a workshop and participated in a learning thread at our team forum. There are sevearl methods by which images can be transferred to polymer clay, and the members had a relatively short time to choose a technique, master it and create their entries, and we hope you will agree the results are amazing!

    Please vote for your top three favorites in the pull-down voting box shown AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SCREEN. DEPENDING ON THE SPEED OF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION, IT MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD.

    Only one vote per person, please. One (1) vote consists of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entry. If you choose an entry for 1st place, please do not also vote for it as your 2nd and/or 3rd place choice. DUPLICATE VOTES WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

    Voting will be by the public and by PCAGOE team members. Voting begins September 1, 2010 and ends September 7, 2010 at midnight, Eastern U.S. time. Winners in each voting category will be announced here and on our guild’s website at on September 8, 2010.

    September Challenge Entries:

    September PCAGOE Entries Mosaic


    As always, non-member voters are eligible to win one of several beautiful prizes donated by various members of the PCAGOE. 


    Voter Prize Pool:

    First Row, L-R: ThePleasantPheasant, WiredOrchid, ClayCenter
    Second Row, L-R: ClayHappy, HiGirls, Polyclarific
    Third Row, L-R: LauraBeeStudios, RiverValleyDesign, PipsJewellery
    Fourth Row, L-R: NKDesigns, RenGalSA, PolymerClayCreations


    There’s even an image transfer piece, by one of our expert transfer artists, Linda of NKDesigns.  As stated previously, Linda, and Lynda of DivaDesigns, will. along with Corinna, the owner of the sponsor store, PIddix,  be judging a special “judges’ selection,” as they are both past masters at this technique. I have one of Linda’s pieces and let me tell you, calling her a “master,” at transfer is not an exaggeration! Beautiful. 

    So, trot on over to the challenge page and vote, being careful to choose three favorites – three different favorites, that is.   Just make sure I’m your first choice! winky





  • Sunday evening

    Hazel & Ron were baptized by immersion, in their pool.  It was a very simple, very moving moment, especially Ron – he was a sweetheart. 


    As with most things “Meyer,” it involved a family gathering – of course, this time with members of their new church, the Light & Light Chapel (Free Methodist – going WAY back to our grandmother’s/great-grandmother’s roots.)  Here are a few photos.


    This is Great-Aunt Robin with our sweet Emily Eliza, who loves the water!


    That little sweetie looks SO much like her momma! 


    And Rachel, Jennie & Zoe all got haircuts for the start of school.  Here they are all together:


    The amazing thing about this photo (and the ones to follow) is that the girls cooperated – even WANTED me to photograph them.  As you can see, Rachel also got her hair colored.  She wanted BLACK!  but her parents wouldn’t have that – a bit too much.  But I like this brown with blond highlights.  Of course, she looks more like Robin than ever!  They are three such lovely girls – 13, 14 & 15 (in two weeks, that is.) 

    Here’s Rachel’s solo pic, Rockin’ Out!


    With her French cut t-shirt and that haircut, she looks like a rocker, eh?  :)


    And Jennie, who was just being silly – she couldn’t think of a pose:


    She has blossomed so much this past year – she’s so much fun to be around.  Very silly and way more confident and chatty.  She was telling me about her new school clothes and she said she got a pair of – “What are they called mom?  Chinos!  Yeah.  Chinos.  And they look GOOD!  I make them look good!”  I love it.  :)  

    And our Zoe – a lovely young lady herself, much more mature this year and in love with her baby sister – I know it’s always hard for both her and Elias to go home after they’ve been here for a while – after spending all summer with the adorable Emery, I know they’ll really hate leaving.  Zoe had her own pose – not sure what it was, but it’s cute!


    Finally, I had my curtains open the other night to let the cool air come in – we’d turned off the A/C with all the cool weather, and it warmed up all of a sudden in here.  This beautiful harvest moon was “shinin’ down on me.” 


    Sorry – it was taken through the screen – but you can see just how bright it was.  So pretty! 


    Things are going well.  Faron and I are getting excited about our first ever solo vacation – we’re off to Bar Harbor Maine and Mt Washington NH later this month.  Just five or six days, but we’re looking forward to getting away together, to seeing such a beautiful part of the country and, to trying out traveling with me and my walker!  :)   I’ve emailed as many of our desired activities and destinations as possible to make sure they are all accessible with my walker and so far, everyone assures me it’ll work.  Even a whale watching tour!  And I called Dr Wallace for a dramamine prescription for Faron – he got so motion sick on the airplane last year going to Las Vegas, we are sure the boat rides will get him good without good drugs. 

    Tiana just got home from a few days in Duluth visiting old college friends.  It was her birthday present, from us and Jason, that plane ticket – she got so homesick for them after her birthday wishes on facebook!  :)   Then she’s off to Las Vegas with a couple of girlfriends next month for a few days, and in November, she and Jason are going to Hawaii for 10 days.  She’s a travel-maniac.  A future possibility is a Clay Cruise next September at this time – she and I and perhaps a couple of others are planning to go.  I am hoping things are a bit different than this year’s cruise, which is on the very same ship I’ve cruised on twice before, and which is ALSO going to the Bahamas again.  But, Tiana’s never cruised or been to the Bahamas, and this trip is all about the clay for me.  They get several “names” in polymer clay to give instruction on all of the “at sea” time, and then while the ship is in port, the instructors take turns “manning” the clay room, so anyone who wants to can clay with them in a more casual environment.  Yowzers!  I do hope that trip comes off. Tiana says, “I can just wheel her into the clay room and go and DO MY THING!”  :)

    Jason’s back seems to be healing well – he says the pain is much less now, after 3 weeks of wearing the brace.  He never felt the broken rib so that wasn’t a biggie, except it bothered those of us who love him to wonder why/how he could break his back and a rib and have no idea when or how!  He is taking calcium to help in the healing.  I hope he continues to take it.  He has never been much of a milk drinker, and he rarely eats ice cream even. 

    Faron’s been busy with the gardens.  We put up 89 quarts of corn – in the freezer.  And we’ve gotten lots of sliced and diced green peppers done. We thought about and rejected the idea of doing tomatoes – just way too much work!  :)   We’ve also gotten zucchini and carrots and one or two other things in the freezer in much smaller quantities, and of course, it’ll soon be time for potato digging.  They put in even more than last year, when they got over 800 pounds of potatoes.  Sheesh!  He also just finished building two more new cabinets for the kitchen – he’s ordering glass doors for them today – a co-worker builds them.  They look terrific – they make that smaller window make sense now.

    And me?  I’ve been claying, of course – today starts the voting on September’s challenge.  I’ll post pics tomorrow, I promise.  This particular post is plenty long enough! I’ve also spent a lot of time on the ‘Net searching for motels and activities for our trip, and swimming when I can. 

    Life is good!