December 20, 2011

  • Gotta say,

    I love this photo!  


    Taken at Ft Meade at one of the several Christmas events the kids have attended there with Joe & Amy.

    Amy's blog is full of photos and info about their most recent activities.  Amy mentions her mother's family Christmas gathering a few weeks ago.  One of my favorite stories from that weekend didn't make Amy's blog.  Derek came running from the play room at Amy's cousin's house, crying, saying, "God's not happy!  God's not happy!"  Amy asked why God wasn't happy.  Derek replied, tearfully, "Cuz he's not sharing his blessings with us!"  ("he" being Amy's cousin's little boy, who was a bit overwhelmed with all of these cousins invading his space and his stuff.)

    We're gearing toward Christmas, shopping done, wrapping caught up and most of the decorating done.  I have a bunch of Santas that need to be placed somewhere other than on the floor near the tree.  :)  Faron did grocery shopping today, and aside from picking up "fresh" stuff like fruit and some dairy stuff, we're ready there, too.  Faron's been great.  he isn't wild about decorating, but with me so sick with the kidney infection, he really stepped up, mostly prodded by Ron, but hey, whatever it takes!

    I'm slowly getting back to my "normal".  Have about 5 days more of antibiotics to take and hopefully that will be it.  Faron's on the lookout for projects to do after Christmas until he gets called back to work, hopefully long before the projected date of April 9.  We plan a few days with Joe and family to celebrate Christmas with them on their turf, after the New Year, so I'm hoping to be fully recovered well before then!  And of course, my nephew Justin is getting married New Year's Eve so that's my short term goal for feeling really well.  

    Sorry my posts are so sporadic.  My computer really isn't happy about me editing photos much these days.  I was happy to snag this one from Amy's blog!  :)



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  • Awwww. What a charming little boy in the photo. No wonder you like it. Sorry to hear you have been ill. That's no fun at any time of the year, but at the holidays, it's especially difficult. Hope you feel just wonderful in time for the wedding. Merry Christmas!

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