April 12, 2006

  • Another Twelve Inch Mosaic

    I'm fairly happy with it, even with the "rough" alignment of the tiles.  It's not quite finished - I need to seal it, but I want to decide if I'm going to try to grout it, first. 


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  • That is soooo cool, Cindy!

    How big is it?

  • Duh! It says "12 inch" at the top...Doh!  How very beautiful!

  • I know this stain glass guy who could help you!

  • Hah!


    He'd drive me crazy, don't you think? And vice versa.


  • Very pretty, I love the colors as they show on my monitor, I'll bet they're prettier in real life!

  • Cindy I have added you to my protected list (I thought you were already there). I was in a car accident yesterday afternoon. My neck is stiff and my back is a little sore, but I'm okay, as is my 4 year old daughter who was in the back seat.

  • so Eastery!!!! been away this week so its nice to come back to a happy entry!!! love it!!


    TULIP, doncha know.

    Thanks - I like it. I'm thinking of making two more, more or less lke it, to hang on the wall above my bed instead of a headboard. Whatcha think?


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