Month: February 2011

  • Haven’t stolen Amy’s blog in a while

    But this is so adorable! 

    That there’s lots of face time for two beautiful little boys is beside the point.






  • It’s that time again….time for our …

    February Challenge “CRITTERS / WINGS”

    And this time, you have no excuse not to go and VOTE!  Every variation of the word “vote,” (voters, voting, voted, vote, etc.) has been hyperlinked to the voting page.  So…Go Ye and VOTE!!

    Welcome to the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy’s February challenge! Our theme for February is “Wings/Critters”. As you can see, this theme has some similarities among the entries as well as some differences. The idea of critters is that it can be interpreted in many different ways.


    Only one vote per person, please. One (1) vote consists of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entry. If you choose an entry for 1st place, please do not also vote for it as your 2nd and/or 3rd place choice. Duplicate votes will not be counted.

    Voting will be by the public and by PCAGOE team members. Voting begins Feb 1, 2011 and ends Feb 7, 2011 at midnight, Eastern U.S. time. Winners in each voting category will be announced at and here on February 8, 2011.

    Five lucky voters from the public, chosen at random, will also win beautiful polymer clay prizes created by one of our many, talented member artists! Winning voters will be notified at the close of voting and have one week from the date we contact you to furnish us with your mailing address so we can send you your prize. If you do not respond within one week, another name will be pulled from the pool of voters.

    February Challenge Entries


    Butterfly Wing Set by Maggie of MaggieDayStudio

    I took a photo of the back side of a Monarch butterfly wing (no butterflies were harmed in this project! I found it dead). I sized the photo down, glued the photos to polymer clay backings and highlighted them with gold metallic paint. Pendant is 1 1/8″ wide and 1 1/2″ long from top of bail; earrings are 1/2″ wide x 5/8″ long. Silver-plate on black silk cord.

    Fleur by Cindy of ArrowdaleArtStudio

    This is my entry for the February Monthly Challenge of the PCAGOE “Critters/Wings.”
    My critter has wing, so I guess she qualifies! Made almost entirely of polymer clay except for a sheet each of aluminum foil and waxed paper used to make the base, and the MagicGlos and fusible fibers and wire used for her wings. I used Kato Polyclay, and dusted her body with PearlEx powder for shimmer

    Butterfly Brush by Lisa of HiGirls

    PCAGOE February challenge: critters with wings.
    I began with a plain wooden brush and covered it with custom mixed purple polymer clay, cut outs of butterflies from pink faux mother-of-pearl and silver mica shift have been inlayed. Finished with mica powder and semi gloss finish for a pearly glow

    Butterfly Barrette by Berit of ClayCenter

    This is a fun barrette I made from my own cane work, embellished with glittery clay and beads. My entry for the February 2011 PCAGOE challenge “Critters and Wings”.

    I love your wings! by Peggy of Peggers

    I loved creating this Butterfly Fairy. He is admiring His little pink butterfly while another butterfly rests on his foot. He is resting on a polymer clay leaf. He has bendable polymer clay glitter wings with a purple butterfly sweater and of course pink rosey cheeks and toes.

    The Butterfly Goddess by Marcia of marcympc

    The goddess of butterflies has come to visit.

    Clown Fish Ocean Scene Soap Dispenser by Angela of PolymerClayCreations

    This is my entry into the February PCAGOE Monthly Challenge. It is a ceramic soap dispenser covered in my own design. I first made a skinner blend sheet ranging from pacific blue, to turquoise then to an aqua green. Next I added one piece at a time the coral, sea grass and clown fish canes.

    Mayra’s Dragonfly Pendant Necklace by Lorraine of WiredOrchid

    This is my entry for PCAGOE’s February challenge: Critters/Wings. This polymer clay pendant is stamped with a dragonfly and antiqued with copper acrylic paint. The custom colored base is textured with embossing powder. The necklace is made up of brown tiger eye, orange aventurine and turquoise heishi beads. This is one of my favorite necklaces. I think it speaks of spring — it makes me happy!

    #9 Blue Swallow by Els of BeadElz

    Pendant made with a Polymer clay blend with a silkscreen print

    Impressions of a Peacock by Marie of YoungCreative

    These impressionistic peacock feathers grace the back of a hand-held mirror for my newly decorated 1940s style bathroom.
    They are made from glazed Mokume Gane sheets applied to a matte black background. The stones are aquamarine-my birthstone

    #11 Tooth Fairy by Deb of RenGalSA

    This is my entry in the February PCAGOE challenge. “Critter/Wings”
    I made this over 10 years ago out of Sculpey III – yes, I confess. It is brittle and delicate, but one of my first experiments in polymer clay EVER. And it’s where my addiction began, so it seems fitting to enter her. =)

    Five (5) lucky voters chosen at random will also receive one of these beautiful polymer clay prizes created by our talented member artists!

    Voter Prize Pool:

    February 2011 Prize Pool

    1st Row, L-R: NKDesigns ; BeadElz ; jkollmann ; PolymerClayCreations

    2nd Row, L-R: ElPasoClayNation; MarciaPalmer; DebbieCrothers

    3rd Row, L-R: WiredOrchid; RozPetalzStudio; PipsJewellery; CreateMyWorld

    Several of the entries are also available for sale in our members’ etsy shops, so please check them out to see these and more one-of-a-kind works of polymer clay art.


    As you can see, we’ve really worked our hearts out on this one, so please, VOTE! 

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    Faron’s got about a dozen applications in, and we check them every day to look for new ones he can apply for.  So far he’s heard nothing but in the database it looks as though no one has looked at them yet. (Their statuses all say “New Applicant.”)  So maybe that’s not a bad thing. 

    I loved making my pink dragon and since I did I’ve made a few more – photos soon!