Month: January 2011

  • Hey, how about a regular ol’ chatty post?

    Haven’t done one of those in ages!

    Lots happening – Today is Faron’s last day at Grizzly – the tension at work for the past year has been increasing almost daily and finally he couldn’t tolerate it any longer.  It’s rather scary to be looking for a new job in this economy and at his age, but, as he says, we are going to trust the Lord on this and just do it! 

    Prayers for a new job with much less stress would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve said it a dozen times since he made this decision – one thing I know of for sure, is that my husband would flip burgers at McDonalds before he’d let our bills go unpaid, so in the larger sense, I’m not worried.  But I would like him to be happy in his work.  He’s put out a few applications and will of course continue to do so. 

    As the Lord would have it, Faron’s Uncle Lee died Sunday morning and will be buried on Friday. (Which was to have been Faron’s last day.)  Tomorrow, Faron and his sister Deb are driving to Pittsburgh to bring their Aunt Ruth back so she can be at her brother’s funeral.  She’ll stay here with us through Sunday.  We haven’t seen her since she moved out there almost 10 years ago so we’re looking forward to the visit despite the circumstances.  His Uncle Jack is on his way from Florida, and we look forward to visiting with him, too.  That’s the weird thing about funerals – it’s such a great opportunity to see those we care about but haven’t seen for one reason or another. 

    We both had nasty colds after Christmas and then I put my back out (just a pulled muscle) two weeks ago being a doofus.  (I tried to move a heavy television by myself, being impatient for someone to help – I’d have had to WAIT!  Imagine me, impatient! So the first part of the year has been kind of a wash for me but I have managed to do some claying – this piece in particular I’m quite pleased with.  It’s my entry for the February Challenge.  (I”ll post links for voting closer to the time – for once I’m finished and entered nearly 10 days ahead of the deadline!)  The challenge theme is “Critters/Wings,” and mine qualifies on both counts.  :)

    This view shows off the wings – a first for me, using a resin product called MagicGlos, fusible fibers and pearly mica flakes on a wire frame.  I like them. 

    And these are just two other shots showing more of the dragon herself – her name is….Fleur! (Clever, ain’t I?)

    I chose this shot for my entry photo. 

    Other than claying and trying to keep my stuff organized (I got a new convection toaster oven (the polymer clay artist’s dream oven!) that now is in my room, instead of having to use the oven in the kitchen, and it necessitated some re-organization.  I wish I could say I got rid of a lot of stuff but, alas, there’s not much in this room I don’t consider NECESSARY.  :)  

    I will need to go through my clothes again, though.  I got a lot for Christmas – including two jackets!  One, an anorak, was only $8.99 on sale and is a perfect three season coat.  The other, an equally great bargain, is a beautiful burgundy leather swing coat.  Yummy!  :) One of my Dercum’s buddies received it as a gift and it didn’t fit her well, so she sold it for a phenomenal price of $45!  I’ve always really wanted a leather coat but the practical side of me wouldn’t admit it, as they are pricey for as often as I’d wear it.  For that price, I can live with it not being worn daily. 

    So that’s life in Cogan Station this week. 


  • Vote! Vote! Vote!

    January Challenge – Tri Color Combo

    Welcome to the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy’s January challenge. Our theme this month is “Tri-Color Combo.”

    The members who chose to enter were asked to create entries using only 3 colors – blue, yellow and green. They also had the option of deleting one of these colors and adding one, but only one, of the following: White, black, silver or gold.

    The only other rule is that each entry must be at least 50% polymer clay. We have 10 extremely creative selections for you this month!

    Please vote for your top 3 favorites in the pull-down menu at the bottom of the page. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few minutes to load.

    Voting begins January 1, 2011 and ends at midnight Eastern U.S. time on January 7, 2011. Winners will be announced here on January 8, 2011 and on our team website at VOTE HERE.

    Only one vote per voter, please! One vote consists of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Please do not choose one entry for all three places. Duplicate votes will not be counted..

    Winning public voters will be notified as soon as possible after the time to vote closes. If you do not respond within one week after being notified, your prize will be returned to the pool as unclaimed.

    You may also sign up for our monthly newsletter when you vote.

    Our members love to hear your comments about the entries. Please take a moment to complete that section when you VOTE. We also love to hear how you learned about the challenges.

    January Challenge Entries:


    1) Funky Spiral Pen and Matching Holder by ClayCenter

    Berit’s description of her entry: Pen covered with polymer clay and matching hand formed pen holder.

    2) Brain Cane Clock by MarcyMPC

    Marcy’s description of her entry: When I learned how to do ‘brain canes’, I had to try with different colors. This one was blue, green and gold, making it perfect for an entry in PCAGOE’s January Challenge!

    3) Lapistear 110 Pendant by 11BoldStreet

    Susan’s description of her entry: This entry for the PCAGOE January Challenge incorporates two of the required colors, blue and green, plus one alternate which is silver. This base of this pendant is a faux lapis blend with both inlays and surface applied colors of green and silver. Hand sanding/buffing and selected areas of UV resin contribute to a gloriously shiny surface.

    4) Make It Personal Ornament – Finished to a “T” by AshPaints

    Arlene’s description of her entry: This “Make It Personal” ornament in the shape of a T features an extruder cane down the left side. Those same colors – blue, green and white – were marbled to create the coordinating colorful “fabric” that covers the othe side. A stripe of white divides the two sections. Coordinating beads strung on gold craft wire finish the ornament.

    5) Brasil Ornament by PolymerClayCreations

    Angela’s description of her entry: I made this ornament for my Mother who is from Rio de Janiero. She and my Father met while he was stationed at the American Embassy in 1956. She says it was love at first sight seeing the handsome Marine in his dress blues. She is my total hero. I cannot imagine marrying and moving to a country half the world away. This is my entry into the January PCAGOE Monthly Challenge. The challenge was to create something using only the colors yellow, green and blue. Perfect for making my tribute to my fantastic Mother.

    6) Vulcano Grasshopper by Beadelz

    Els’s description of her entry: I have made vulcanos in many different ways but never in pure green and yellow. The texture and golden paint gives the green something extra.
    These colors are a real challenge.

    7) Blue Star by KellyPlaysClay

    Kelly’s description of her entry: Although I titled this pendant Blue Star, it reminds me of a pineapple. I just want to pull out a leaf and see if it is ripe.

    8) Preserved Pendant by Peggers

    Peggy’s description of her entry: I started with the green and yellow and added my 3rd color with a black silhouette carved tree and covered it with a thick glaze. Carving the bark and framing the entire pendant to tie all three colors together.

    9) Not Your Grandma’s Valentine by ArrowdaleArtStudio

    Cindy’s description of her entry: My entry for the January Challenge of the Polymer Clay Artists’ Guild of Etsy, three color challenge. My colors are blue, green and one of the alternate neutrals – white. I created at least a dozen items in several combinations of blue, yellow and green or an alternate but there’s something about this pendant that I like. A simple “marbling” of the three colors of clay – just enough to liberally combine the colors without actually blending them – they still are very distnct. A simple pressed edge and a silver plated bale, strung with a bit of white satin ribbon.

    10) Tri Color Flower Basket Bead by JKollmann

    Jill’s description of her entry: The challenge is to create a piece using only green, blue and yellow. This bead is the latest in my Flower Basket Bead series and can be used as a small focal.

    Some of the entries are available in the member’s Etsy shop. Click on the member’s name or the title link to check any entry you are interested in purchasing.

    Five (5) lucky winners chosen at random will also receive one of the prizes shown in the prize mosaic below, all of which were created by our very talented members.

    January Prizes:

    5261743556_e3c37d3a93_o (1)

    1st Row L-R HiGirls SCDiva, ArrowdaleArtStudio, AlisonEKurek
    2nd Row L-R RenGalSA, ThePleasantPheasant, WiredOrchid, PipsJewellery
    3rd Row L-R ClayHappy, JKollman, ClayCenter, DebbieCrothers

    Thank you again for your votes. We hope you will join us again next month. February’s theme is “Wall Art”. We hope to have many beautiful entries to inspire and delight you, and maybe you will find something for that special someone for Valentine’s Day.

    We have also voted on our 2011 themes. Here is a partial list of themes to look forward to this year!

    Under The Sea
    The 4 Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, & Ice

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    This is my first Challenge as the new president of the PCAGOE.  I’m hoping it’s got a strong “voter turnout,” so please, do your part.  VOTE!!